Department of PSYCHOLOGY

GITAM School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hyderabad campus


The Department of Psychology offers courses that provide insights into the major concepts, theories, and trends in psychology. The department enables students to improve their understanding of the self and of others, as well as the physical and psychological substrates underlying human behaviour and mental processes. Research aptitude is enhanced by encouraging student participation in seminars and workshops besides study, analysis and presentation of findings. Students are trained to seek opportunities for higher education and careers in a broad range of areas such as health care, welfare, research, education, and industry. Eminent academicians and practicing psychologists are invited for expert lectures and interactive sessions. Seminars, workshops, and awareness programs on mental health and wellbeing are regularly organized. The faculty members are committed teachers and earnest researchers.

Courses are designed to impart sound knowledge of the foundations of psychology, and include areas such as social psychology, developmental psychology, psychological measurement of individual differences, Indian psychology, mental health in general care, abnormal psychology, psychology of peace and conflict resolution, and psychology of happiness. The department is equipped with modern facilities in the Psychology Laboratory. Experiential learning opportunities are designed to assist students in their lives and future careers.

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